To empower professional women to succeed in the entertainment industry.

Our Story

SheTek is a network for professional women in entertainment to share ideas, stories, and network through lectures, panel discussions, workshops, mentoring, and social events.

SheTek Conference promotes the interactions of women doing business and explores the careers and talents of women in music, tv, film, and technology. Several dynamic female panelists will discuss the latest trends in their particular career fields and engage the audience in Q&A discussions. Panelists are exclusive to women, as a way to empower and push forward our relevant roles in entertainment.


To explore career trends in which women play a major role in the advances and economic structures of the entertainment industry.


To promote the expansion of women doing business in entertainment.




To empower women to build a network and support one another.



To advocate for young girls seeking careers in entertainment.



L'ay Green

Founder & CEO

As the founder of the SheTek Conference, L’ay Green brings together a collective of creative and professional women in the entertainment industry. Discussion panels highlight the careers, experiences, and insight of women in entertainment. Panelists are exclusive to women speakers as a way to empower and push forward their relevant roles in the entertainment industry. SheTek Creatives is a platform that allows women to network, collaborate, and create projects together.


L'ay is the CEO of Projex Society LLC., a multi-media entertainment company, which focuses on music, film and media projects. As an executive producer of independent film and television projects, L’ay connects with screenwriters and film producers to create content. Such projects include Big Boys Don’t Cry, an independent film about bullying through the eyes of a bully.

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